Mission, Vision, Core

Affordable Natural and Specialty Foods

Richard’s mission is to offer quality natural and specialty products at affordable prices, while delivering exceptional and memorable shopping experiences to our customers.

Richard’s Vision:

In our fast-paced world, with pressures surrounding each of us to be faster, smarter, and healthier, Richard’s Foodporium provides a place of balance.

Richard’s doesn’t attempt to be all things to all people, remaining dedicated to being the best at what we do while serving our local communities.

Richard’s is committed to quality and delivering a unique array of bulk, natural and specialty products that allow one to eat and live healthier, indulge occasionally, and enjoy shopping in a fun, convenient environment.

We bring all of this to our customers, with elevated standards of operation and service, at prices they can afford.

Our dream, and that of our founder, is a Richard’s Foodporium® in every neighborhood.

Richard’s Core Values:

At Richard’s, our core values are character, high standards, employee satisfaction, a sense of community, and outstanding service:  CHESS

Character:  We always display integrity and sincerity of character in relations with our customers, co-workers, and vendor partners, conducting ourselves professionally and responsibly in all relationships.

High Standards:  We share pride in our Company, maintaining a high standard of performance and a commitment to continuous improvement at every level of operation.

Employee Satisfaction:  We strive to create an environment where every employee is satisfied feeling comfortable, acknowledged, and rewarded for fulfilling our mission and delivering outstanding performance.

Service:  We make each visit a pleasure and adventure for our customers, delivering consistent, exceptional and memorable customer service.

Sense of Community:  We reach beyond the products and services that we provide with a sense of community, building relationships in the community that share our good fortune, and encourage opportunity